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13 Nov

Yum. I like baking that doesn’t need yeast (it hates me), and I like cooking with what happens to be in the kitchen or garden.

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Every second weekend we have a long weekend, I work longer in 9 days to get the extra day off a fortnight. So on those weekends we usually make something to have for afternoon tea or a snack. We are also getting towards the end of the month, so the cupboard is slightly bare. So I was at a bit of a loss as to what to make. So I grabbed the last of the self-raising flour, an apple and some pepitas and thought hmmm what can I do with these. This is my creation, which came out really moist and light and tasty.

1 Apple cored and diced (I used Royal Gala, but any will do)
1/4 Cup pepitas (Sunflower seeds) toasted
1 Tablespoon Mixed Spice
2 Cups flour
60g Butter
Milk to combine
Beaten egg to coat


  1. Preheat oven to 180 C or 150 C…

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