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Hello, hungry people and frustrated cooks!

24 Apr

I keep finding all these fabulous blogs that torment me with exquisite dishes that look beautiful and must taste divine. They torment me because I’m a lax cook, never a chef, and have never bothered to learn the skills needed for all these stunningly presented recipes.

But people who come to eat with me have said over the years that they like what I dish up for them; some of them say ‘when’s the cookery book coming out?’.

Thing is, I’m no Delia. Because I’m lax in the kitchen, nothing ever turns out the same. I chuck in a bit of this, a handful of that; I change ingredients and work with whatever’s to hand. There are lots of fridge-dishes (what happens to be lurking in the fridge) and storecupboard-dishes (ditto), and the fresh herbs in the garden get snipped or chopped whenever the fancy takes me and there’s new growth to cut.  

So measurements are haphazard, due to all the above, and the fact that you may have different tastes to me. I like cayenne on almost everything, including porridge (see recipe later) because of the fresh zing it gives (fabulous with a mouthful of fresh coffee, too!) not to mention the healthiness of it. You may like more or less salt; more or less spiciness, more or less garlic – for example.

But stick with me. This blog is the antidote to frustrating gorgeousnesses elsewhere – I like quick and simple, mostly peasant food, and a mish-mash of home (Sussex) and world food. One of the simplest dishes EVER comes from my first Friday in Greece. More of that later.

Have fun with the food, however new or nervous a cook you may be. Try things, eat them, adjust, have a go, see what happens. Let me know! Tell me your variations of my recipes (recipes, hah! loose suggestions, more like) and if you fed family or friends with them, report back with their reactions, good or bad.

See you at the stove!